My Shopping Hack For Post-Purchase Regret

January 24, 2018

By Devon Butler

Hi, my name is Devon and I’m an emotional shopper. Nothing lifts my spirits like wandering around Zara and buying a few things I don’t need and don’t have closet space for. I leave the store swinging my shopping bag proudly until that post-purchase regret hits me. I don’t need another cold-shoulder sweater. I need to be saving money. Compulsive shopping is a bad habit I haven’t completely been able to shake, but I use a shopping hack that helps me not completely drain my bank account everytime I’m having a bad day. Plus, it eliminates the guilt of compulsive shopping. It’s the 1-14-30 method.

So, keep the tags on, save your receipt and here’s how the 1-14-30 method works:

DAY 1: Wear your purchase. Okay, you’ve bought something and feel slight post-purchase regret…but it’s a really cute sweater! If you’re not super excited to wear it the very next day, maybe you don’t love it as much as you thought.

DAY 14: It’s been 2 weeks. Still haven’t worn it? You obviously don’t need it. Stop rationalizing that you just need to learn how to style it, or you’ll wear it if you had better boots to go with it. It’s over. Return it.

DAY 30: This is typically the cutoff point for returns. If you haven’t worn it or only worn it once make sure to return it now.

A few things to note: this won’t work if you shop at a store or online shopping site that has a no return policy. Luckily, most places like H&M, Zara, & Other Stories have excellent store return policies. Similarly, I only shop online at sites that include a return shipping label that makes returning items super easy! Also, there is an exception to this rule which is something you’ve purchased for a special occasion that’s in the distant future. 

Online shopping? My favourite things to do when I see things I love is to add to wishlist or add to my shopping cart and let it sit there for awhile. If I’m still thinking about it 2 weeks later, I’ll buy it. I mean hey, I can always return it.



  1. Love your post ! I get the post purchase regret sometimes too after coming home from a day of shopping at the mall. Love your 1-14-30 method ! I am so using it next time the post purchase regret sets in. Thanks!

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