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OOTD: Mermaid Vibes

April 5, 2017

Working in the fashion industry has its perks. Sample sales are easily the best perk of all. When I saw this glittering dress stuffed in the corner of a cardboard box I was delighted. When I found out it was only $15…well, I was ecstatic. The high you derive from finding a unique item for such a bargain is something luxury-only shoppers are seriously missing out on.

If you don’t work in the fashion industry still keep an eye out, there are plenty of public sample sales or trunk shows everywhere. Even better, hit up your local thrift shop, eBay or Etsy—there are plenty of gems to be found, styled and loved.

The Little Mermaid
Mermaid Inspo

When I put this dress on it conjured images of The Little Mermaid, that final scene when she emerges from the water *with legs* and for any Disney lover (or any girl/human ever?) it’s always a goal to recreate these magical princess moments.

So what did I do? I packed this dress for my trip to Hawaii, headed to Waikiki beach at sunset, twirled around in the water and forced my boyfriend to take HUNDREDS of pictures of me. Yes people stared, but I was too giddy to care.


mermaid vibes
It helps my hair always photographs red



The moral of the story? Okay this OOTD was partly about getting amazing photos but it was more about having a unique experience, it’s about finding happiness in the special things you buy because spoiler alert, sometimes money buys happiness—however fleeting. Though frolicking around the ocean in a sparkly dress? That magical moment will live with me forever.

  1. What an awesome sample sale find! I adore sample sales !!!!! And the little mermaid is my fave!!!

    Nicole /

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