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OOTD: A $10,000 Skirt

May 18, 2017

Yes you read that headline right…I own a skirt that retails for $10,000. And no, I didn’t actually pay $10,000.

Working in the fashion industry can be tough. It’s fast-paced, appearance-based, sometimes problematic not to mention competitive, often un-friendly and oh wait I haven’t even mentioned the long hours and low pay! But if there’s anything that inspires new people to continuously flock to the industry, its the opportunity of access to such an exclusive club.

Enter sample sales. While many sample sales are open to the public in LA or NYC, nothing beats the employee-only, word of mouth frenzy that happens every season for most companies and insiders. That’s how I scored this Michael Kors Collection PVC crystal-embellished skirt for only….wait for it…$100. Yes. $100. I still can’t believe it either.

Another fun fact about this skirt? This exact one was worn on a red carpet to a movie premiere by Zendaya. As in, this skirt that was on my body, has also been on her body. I’ve never felt so privileged and lucky and spent about two weeks in the afterglow of the skirt waking up every morning mesmerized by it and screaming “I love my job!”

Who wore it better? JK JK, Obviously Zendaya.

But full disclosure, this skirt HURTS. Yeah yeah, beauty/fashion is pain but seriously, these crystals-to give the illusion they are floating-are tied on with fishing wire. Meaning my legs were completely cut up after wearing this skirt for only half an hour. Also, you can’t really sit in this skirt (re: painful crystals) not to mention the stiff PVC nature of the skirt’s construction. So while this might not be the most practical thing I’ve ever purchased it’s such a beautiful, one-of-a-kind couture piece I know I’ll cherish it forever…even if all I do is watch it sparkle in the back of my closet.

What’s one of the most unique pieces you own?

PS: Watch the skirt in motion below:

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