Must Have: Ring Handle Bag

May 2, 2017

Do you ever notice that there are “trends” and then “quiet trends.” Quiet trends are the ones that sneak up on us through the odd cool-girl instagram and perhaps a brief mention on cool-girl fashion websites. Well, that’s what happened with the ring-handle bag. I don’t know when, but I began seeing them steadily pop up. Arguably, ring-handle bags for Spring/Summer 2017 became the “it” bag thanks to this beautiful Chloé bag and this cult-favourite Simon Miller Bonsai Bucket Bag. There’s something about a dainty metal circle ring that feels fresh and whimsical without being over the top.


But, ring-handle bags are nothing new, like nearly every trend, they were popular at another time in history. From 1920’s fringe clutches with ring bracelets to 1970’s suede bucket bags and totes with ring handles (and I briefly remember these being a thing in the 1990’s) this is a classic silhouette that is worth (literally) holding on to.

Carrie Bradshaw Ring Bag
Anyone else remember Carrie Bradshaw’s Fringe Ring Bag from SATC?

I had to have one. But since I’m a normal person, I can’t afford to spend $1,000+. So, when I saw this Mango one I nearly flipped out. When I saw it only cost $60 I flipped out further. When I finally purchased it…well I lost my mind. I wanted to cuddle it every night. I couldn’t stop staring it and swinging it joyfully while I walked, hands in ring.

Mango Ring Handle Bag

Here are a few other affordable/adorable options:




  1. So fierce girl!!!! I love that bag! It goes so well with your whole outfit ! And i love your blog name, its so freaking cute!!! <3

  2. Hi Devon,

    This bag is so beautiful! I actually have to admit I am a huge fan of Chloe bags!! 💟

    Agreed, the quiet trends do sneak up on me as well! 😉

    Marieta (@ootd_in_style)

  3. My dear you choose the perfect accessory for your outt! This ring handle bag is perfect and goes well with everything! I put my eye on it xo xo
    Much love

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