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5 Ways This Blog Is Different

March 30, 2017

No offense to any other fashion blogs out there—but this one will be different. While the life I present on Instagram (and here) is highly edited and curated I still want to maintain a certain sense of “realness.” So here is quick explanation as to why and how my blog will be unique.

       1. I don’t run around Paris in couture carrying a preened bouquet.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the epitome of fashion blogger goals. A chic-as-hell-girl wearing an expensive-as-hell outfit, effortlessly beautiful she’s captured with the Eiffel tower perched behind her—though she can’t be bothered to look at it. Carrying around flowers in Europe is nice. I’d like to do it, just don’t expect much of that on here.

      2. Speaking of couture…

Until we all reach that peak blogger status where designers pay you to wear their latest collections, the majority of us shop at Zara, H&M or Boohoo. No shame, I love these places, in fact they make up a significant portion of my wardrobe. I recently graduated and live in NYC so it’s obvious my cash flow is limited, but that’s okay because true style can’t be bought and it’s not always fair to reward bloggers simply for having tons of money.

     3. I don’t own a fancy camera or use Photoshop.

It’s on my list to get one (re: cash flow), but until then my phone and hand-me-down digital will have to work. I’d love to learn Photoshop but until then I edit my images to the best of my ability using basic apps like VSCO and Snapseed so they’re pretty but definitely not perfect.

    4. I don’t have tons of photographer/stylist friends.

I wish I did! It’s difficult making friends in a new city. It wasn’t until I started dating my boyfriend (and then forcing him to take pictures of me) that I got any quality pics of my outfits. He’s my #1 photographer until he starts demanding to be paid. Point being, I have no professionals helping me out and my hair and make-up skills are limited.

    5. It goes beyond fashion.

While I love fashion (I work in fashion and consume it every day), there is also a problematic side to it. I don’t think we necessarily need to be put in a box and labeled as “fashion blogger,” “food blogger,” etc. I have many interests spanning lifestyle, travel, popular culture, music, mental health, beauty, food, DIY, etc. and want to combine all of those into one place.


  1. Love your post girl! Very good points and the most important is that you believe in yourself and in your work! Keep going babe! Xo Ines

  2. Dear Devon,
    first of all my big congrats for your new blog! I love the image and your simple and amazing style. I also belong between “new ones” (was started in November last year) and it makes a lot of fun but there is necessary a good time management to have a fun and be satisfied. It’s learning by doing but these expreriences make us stronger and better. Wish you all the luck and fun! Greets Martina

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