6 Things To Do In Honolulu

By on March 31, 2017

My good friend is Hawaiian and I’m ashamed at how long it took me to visit her in Honolulu (especially when that means I have a free place to stay on Oahu) but this past January after 20 [mumbles incoherently] something years of cold Canadian birthdays I wanted to celebrate somewhere warm and sandy. Between […]

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Fashion | Vintage

OOTD: Basement Finds

By on March 15, 2017

Full disclosure, I’m broke. As a recent grad still struggling to find her dream job my cash flow is rather limited and while I have a shopping addiction I’ve had to get slightly more thrifty. My parent’s are very practical people and while I hardly inherited any of their frugalness I have learned that fashion […]

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DIY | Fashion

DIY Flower Dress

By on

I am by nobody’s standards, a fashion designer. I tried sewing when I was younger since my mother is phenomenal at it but I never had the patience nor the talent for it. This is my disclaimer, if I can do it. You sure can. I got inspired by a dress I saw in a small […]

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Creative Writing | Travel


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I think about William Wordsworth most when I’m laying lethargically across my couch, staring aimlessly into a bright television set. I suppose it should affect me differently; like when I’m trekking across a beach to spot a colony of yellow-eyed penguins, or silently gazing up at the Southern Cross. I should feel a jerk of […]

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