10 Easy Ways To Feel Like A Successful Adult

February 8, 2018

By Devon Butler

I recently turned 28. I have my own apartment, I live with my boyfriend, I just got a promotion at work. By all accounts, I’m a successful adult. And yet, most of the time I still feel like a confused, out of place tween.

I was usually at the top of my class. My parents were strict about teaching me the “value of a dollar.” Not to boast, but I’m a fairly intelligent, reasonable person. So why then, does it seem like I was entirely unprepared for adulthood? I know I’m not alone in these feelings. If you’ve been on the internet in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen the term “adulting.” It seems an entire generation has emerged that struggles not just with the financial aspects of growing up, but the emotional ones too. “Adulting” is a nice way of celebrating the little achievements that make a harsh reality more tolerable. So, let’s celebrate the little things we can do to go to bed feeling like a *slightly* successful adult.

Pay Your Damn Bills

I have no idea why, but I acknowledge when a bill is delivered to me. I set the envelope aside (or read the email) make a mental note to pay it and then just…forget. I’ve never made a late payment, but I always cut it super close. The solution is easy: set up automatic payments for your utilities, phone bill etc., and set a reminder on your phone to pay those bills within days of receiving them.

Buy A Real Bottle Of Wine

There is nothing wrong with a sold $12 bottle of wine. Better yet, the $5 Trader Joe’s wine is often splendid. However, there is something about buying a decent bottle. Enjoy a leisurely glass after work and feel super accomplished.

Go To The Dentist Already

I have major dentist anxiety which isn’t great considering I also have bad dental DNA. A combination which ultimately led me to undergo a root canal on Christmas Eve. Don’t procrastinate on the dentist. It’s so much easier to maintain regular checkups rather than to stress if you start feeling pain.

Buy A Nice Pair Of Sheets

While I still can’t afford ultra-luxe 8000 thread count sheets, a higher end pair (with an extra deep pocket on the fitted sheet) is life-changing.

Throw Some $$ At Your Loans

I have no problem spending $50 on seamless in one go, but making the conscious effort to put $50 towards my loans is…more difficult. I finally set up an automatic withdraw from my bank account so every month a sum goes into my savings and I don’t have to do anything.

Make Yourself A Nice Dinner

It can be difficult to cook on weeknights so it’s useful to perfect an easy recipe you can easily whip up. Try a light salmon and my new favourite recipe for Herbed Chicken. You will feel slightly healthy and more like a successful adult.

Pimp Out Your Kitchen

You’ll hardly be able to cook a nice meal if you don’t have the tools required. Invest in some decent pots and pans as well as a matching set of dishes.

Go To Bed Early On A Weekend

A few weekends ago on a chilly Saturday night while aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, my boyfriend and I looked at each other and silently agreed that it was time to hit the hay. It was 9pm. I got into bed and read, then fell asleep early and my god it felt great.

Set A Goal-Setting Session With Your Boss

Part of being an adult is working, which is honestly the part I’m struggling with the most. To avoid work-fatigue it’s important to show your boss you’re a motivated employee (even if you’re not) while also reigniting that spark of professionalism in you somewhere.

Get A Massage

Being an adult is hard. Reward yourself with a luxury you couldn’t afford while attending school. Get a soothing massage, or other relaxing experience and treat yourself for getting through a tough week.


  1. I love these. I honestly have to get a massage, treat myself to something nice more often because sometimes we get carried away with life and work.

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